“I am forever a part of the west and most importantly New Mexico  I don’t know what I am doing ,All that I know is that I want to do it here "

This style isn't for everyone ,In fact a good majority of people generally dislike the true image of themselves  its gritty ,real and inspired by 2 things around me , The ever-changing variety of Landscapes here in New Mexico , And a Richard Avedon Book my parents Kept on the coffee table while I was young . So in a world of instagram Photographers that are willing to sit around for hours and digitally remove all the reality out of things I have found a small place with Confident Authentic creative people who are proud of the their realities .


.1996 Samuel Starting working for the Pulitzer Family. Almost 20 years of Local National and international Commercial television radio Film /video and print ads & magazine features allowed Samuel a detailed hands-on continuing education on all types of live studio and on site  production from producing to technical artistry to ensure a detailed  creative and safe experience.

be confident in confidentiality , powerful images need powerful protection .

In 2000 Samuel Began working for and with the Hearst Corp

Published Photography Begins  Exclusively Thruout New Mexico Publications 

in 2016 Samuel Switched over The New Mexico Film scene .

2012 Printed Images National & International


He currently resides in San Antonito , NM and doesn't fuck around .

Samuel still enjoys time as a studio , live  & remote audio tech and engineer .

Samuel is a member of ASCAP ( American Society of Composers ,Authors and Publishers) He has contributed his original self recorded scores and beds for hundreds of local and international projects From TV shows to PBS 13 Jazz Radio in NYC.

NPPA ( National Press Photographers Association )since 2000

Prior to Covid Sam volunteered all around New Mexico teaching youth and supporting New Mexico's Youth involvement within the Film Industry and its local leaders such as George RR Martin and his Non Profit Stagecoach Foundation . P.

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