Wood for your Chimenea Kiva or firepit

The smell of New Mexico. A wood unique to the region with a sweet light Smokey smell . During the colder months many New Mexican homes, hotels and restaurants burn our local woods , the aroma travels thru out our communities romancing itself while mingling with the scent of red and green Chile roasting . 

Don’t be fooled by others claiming to sell Piñon wood. We harvest ours right here on our ranch ( Ocho Pinions) We also include dried Cholla sticks , these are the best natural fire starter or “kindling” . It burns clean & quick and also has an earthy aroma. Not Shipped in plastic but rather a recycled recyclable box . or Optional Decorative Bucket available for Residentail/AirBNB and resorts GREAT FOR GUESTS


Whats different ? & why ?


1. The majority of our Piñon wood is Not split , still in cased in its natural bark and harvested (standing dead )preserving the natural aromatic properties ,Making for a longer peaceful burn.We also Add selective pieces of Alligator Juniper & Dried Juniper.

2 The wood is shorter. Chimeneas & Kivas come in a vareity of sizes . These will fit in All of them . Also makes a great addition to add to regular firewood !

3 Cholla Wood is included ? this is the most natural ,easiest way to start a fire!

no stinky fuels , papers chopping kindling ect . Light and go, its really that easy! Great for Guests!

4 The Smell!!!!


Ordering and delivery Options

Heres how this works if your in Santa Fe or Albuquerque

First Bundle $45.00 includes Large Metal Bucket 25+ pieces of Piñon and 12+ Cholla Sticks
Delivered Refills $25.00
Air Bnb-Resorts-Hotel/Motels and other businesses Pallets available Please Contact Sam

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